Get a Shoe Makeover - Shoes for all Seasons

Get a Shoe Makeover – Shoes for All Seasons!

Reinvent yourself and give yourself a shoe makeover! Every woman should own a few varying pairs of shoes. That way you are set for all seasons and all fashions. Keep reading on to discover how you can benefit from a footwear overhaul!

Must-Have Seasonal Styles

To get your makeover underway, we believe you should cater to all the seasons of the year so consider the following shoe styles.


Summer just loves shoes like sandals and wedges. These are breathable and go well with maxi-dresses, skirts and shorts. They epitomise a woman’s summer wardrobe. Other shoes like heels, flats and casuals are also great if they are breathable and lightweight. Warmer climates require good breathable shoes so consider the following:

The obvious winter shoes are boots or warmer materials and closed-in styles. Boots do make a great fashion statement. They look great with jeans, jackets, coats and even with some skirts. Both knee-high and ankle boots are great winter accessories. They keep your feet warm all day and all night long.  Consider the following:

  • GEMMA by CC Resorts
  • NEXA by CC Resorts


Spring represents rebirth and transformation after the long winter’s hibernation. It’s an ideal time for a makeover. Fashion is characterised by a lot of playful floral and fruity patterns. We see this in colourful tops, pants and dresses. There is a real vibrancy in the air so match that energy with the following:

  • Buxom - Tan
  • Jackie - White Green Floral
  • Sunday - Black


This is the transitional season when things start to slow down in nature.  The trees shed their leaves and animals start to prepare for hibernation. Nature takes on the colours of orange, green and yellow so fashion often reflects this. We see items like green jackets paired with yellow and orange tops. Consider the following to make a seasonal statement:

  • Alexis - Khakhi
  • Andrea - Nude
  • Napster - Navy

Out with the Old!

For your shoe makeover to work, it’s best that you stop wearing your old, worn out shoes and focus on your new look. Start your makeover today and experience the transformation. We would love to hear from you, and see your favourite wardrobe additions. Contact us online or call (02) 8021 3071 today!