It’s a Remi - That is, Remi Casuals

Introducing: Remi Casuals

Casual shoes make walking and being on your feet all day a breeze. It can easily feel like you’re walking on air, given how light they are. Many of them are elegant and stylish too, such as the Remi with their timeless appeal and various style options. Discover more about the Remi in our piece below.

What Is a Remi?

The Remi looks similar to a boat shoe, otherwise known as a deck shoe. However, unlike a boat shoe, it has holes for ventilation. It’s ideal for summer, or just for days spend tirelessly running errands. Although you could wear these shoes in all seasons, they’ best suited to warmer months.

What Is the Remi Made From?

Manufactured to the highest industry standards, the Remi features:

  • a flat heel
  • leather uppers
  • leather lining
  • a rubber sole
  • removable socks

A Burst of Colour

Remi shoes will add a burst of colour to your outfits and overall style. They come in fun colours, like Click here to view Remi Collection

Where to Wear Your Remis

We recommend that you wear your Remis: 

  • at work – they are great for being on your feet all day
  • around the home - perfect for getting your chores down being so light
  • walking – both short and long distances
  • to some special occasions – like attending concerts and parties
  • to the beach – they are great for walking on the sand
  • travelling - great to wear on the plane and also at your destination
  • when getting a pedicure – both before and after, your feet will stay fresh

Where Not to Wear Your Remis

We recommend that you don’t wear your Remis:

  • hiking
  • playing sports
  • in workplaces of high risk
  • on dirt roads and tracks
  • in a kayak or boat
  • at certain business settings

To purchase your Remi shoes, contact our friendly staff who will help you with your enquirers. Contact us today.