What Your Shoe Style Says about your Personality

Take Our Quiz: What Your Shoes Say about You!

Did you know that your shoes say a lot about your personality? They act as a bit of a psychological profile into the basics of who you are. Take our fun quiz below to find out what your shoes reveal about you. You may be surprised, or it may confirm what you already know about yourself!

Personality Decoder

Take our interactive quiz and decode your personality. Are you laid-back and easy-going or practical and stylish?  Find out here.                                                            

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own?

  1. 1-6
  2. 7-15
  3. 15 – 20
  4. Over 20 

What Is Your View of High Heels?

  1. I can’t walk in heels, I prefer flats
  2. Heels are only for special occasions
  3. I never wear heels
  4. Heels go with every outfit

What Do You Normally Wear?

  1. Flats
  2. Sneakers
  3. Combination of flats and sneakers
  4. Heels

For Special Occasions, What Do You Wear?

  1. Flats
  2. Sneakers or Boots
  3. Sandals
  4. Heels

How Would You Describe Your Shoe Style?

  1. Practical and elegant
  2. Comfortable and no-fuss
  3. Varied and stylish
  4. Bold and glamorous

Mostly As: Flats

Flats are timeless and feminine - just like you! You’re a practical person that likes to be comfortable while still looking good. You’re also most likely to be doing a lot of walking in your daily life, and flats serve your cause well.

Mostly Bs: Casuals

These generally epitomise an easy-going and laid-back personality. You’re most comfortable wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You’re also on the move a lot, and prefer to stick to one style of footwear.

Mostly Cs: Combination Shoes

You’re a combination of flats and casuals. This shows you like variety but generally, will stick to what’s most comfortable and stylish. You wouldn’t wear heels or wedges if you can avoid it.

Mostly Ds: Heels/Wedges

With heels/wedges, you like the height factor, but also enjoy being bold and glamorous. Making a statement and looking good is of high importance to you. Having a perfect pedicure is always a priority. 

What Do You Think?

What was your result? Do you think your shoes represent your personality well? Do you think your style changes over time? We’d love to hear your feedback. Get in touch today and contact the friendly team at CC Resorts. Call us on (02) 8021 3071.