Let's go Shoe Shopping - Popular Shoe Styles

Let’s Go Shopping – Popular Shoe Styles

 a pair of ladies black leather boots

Shoe shopping has always been the ultimate retail therapy.  Now with online stores available, it’s become even easier to shop for shoes. With the extensive options available, it can be overwhelming to find the right style for you. Check out our fun guide below on shopping for shoes and some popular shoe styles.

How Do I Shop for Shoes Online?

Before you start your online shoe shopping, it’s important to consider the following factors.

Determine Your Needs and Budget

This ensures that you purchase the right shoes for you and you spend within your means. For instance, are you buying shoes for everyday or work use? If so, consider a sneaker or comfortable flat. If you need a pair of evening shoes, choose a neutral colour that you can easily match your outfits to – this way you can get the most out of your purchase.

Buy from a Reputable Online Store

If you take this advice, you will receive good customer service and quality products. When it comes to your feet, don’t be tempted to buy cheap because you may end up buying twice. A reputable online store should have a reliable history and good reviews. If the brand also has physical stores, this is a guarantee of their experience and success in the field.

Know the Store’s Return Policy

You don’t want any nasty surprises after your purchase. Find out ahead of time because there is no use in complaining when the policy is clearly outlined on the website.

Make Sure Display Images Are a Good Size

When you buy shoes online you are largely relying on the website’s images.  Choose a site where the images are large enough for you to see the details, and frame the footwear from multiple perspectives.

Know the Materials and Colours

Carefully read the materials used in the manufacture of your shoes. Also, be clear about the colour. Often, images don’t accurately reproduce the exact colour so contact customer service if you have any doubts or questions.

Choose the Right Size

Getting the wrong shoe size defeats the purpose of ever purchasing new shoes. It’s best to measure your feet and follow the store’s individual size chart.

Don’t Rush

Your shoe shopping adventure should be easy and relaxing. If you’re in a rush, you are more likely to buy the wrong shoes. Also, you may go over your budget because you haven’t weighed up all of your options.

Most Popular Women’s Shoe Styles in 2017

Now that you know how to properly shop for online shoes, you are ready to check out your cart. We’ve done the research and discovered the two most popular types of shoes for 2017.


We all love a good casual shoe as they enable us to be comfortable and can be matched with a lot of current styles. The Remi, Rafa, and Christine range are great examples of cool, versatile looks that your wardrobe can work with.

Woven Shoes

These are lightweight and sport fantastic cushioning; ideal for casual or athletic activity. The Sugar, the Danielle and the Peyton are great examples.

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