Christmas Wish List - Our Favourite Ladies Shoes

Christmas Wish List - Our Favourite Ladies’ Shoes

A lady wearing heels picking up a present under Christmas Tree

Do you have a Christmas wish list in place? If not, consider making one and filling it with stunning new shoes. Read our Christmas wish list below with our favourite ladies shoes to inspire you. Shoes make excellent gifts, sitting beautifully under the Christmas tree wrapped in their box.

Dear Santa, Bring Us These Shoes!

Just imagine it’s Christmas day and you’re opening your gifts, and amongst them is a pair of shoes. Not any shoes, but quality shoes that are stylish, fun and manufactured to the highest standards. Every woman should own these shoes. After all, they are an important part of our daily lives and wardrobes.

Here is our current wish list:


We all love a good casual shoe, as it gives us the freedom and flexibility to move. Just like its name implies, it is for casual use. Such shoes are ideal for when you’re on your feet all day, going for walks and even for around the home. They are lightweight, too. For Christmas, we want:

New Arrivals

New arrivals are great to add to your wish list as they are fresh on the market and reflect the latest fashion trends. They also give you that nice feeling of being the first to snap them up. For Christmas, we want:

A Touch of European Elegance

For Christmas, you can’t go past European shoes. Made with the highest craftsmanship, they personify timeless elegance and beauty. Thousands of women all over the world seek European brand shoes. Once the domain of movie stars alone, now all women can own them. For Christmas, we want: 

The Height Factor: Heels/Wedges

Aside from giving you height, heels and wedges are a must for every woman’s wardrobe. They look great when dressing up for special occasions or for days where you just want to feel taller and bolder, giving you an extra oomph of confidence and femininity. Step out and make an impression. For Christmas, we want:

Get Woven!

It’s been said that woven shoes are the next best thing to going barefoot. They are extremely lightweight, have superb ventilation and offer contoured support. A lot of them come in fun, bright colours that will cheer you up just by looking at them. Ideal to wear for walks down the beach or light exercise. For Christmas, we want:

Let’s make your Christmas wish list a festive reality. Browse our extensive range and start thinking about what you’d love to open up this December. Contact us online or call (02) 8021 3071 today for further assistance.