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Can Shoes Affect the Health of your Feet?

Posted on April 20 2018

Can Shoes Affect the Health of Your Feet?

Woman Taking off her Shoes and touching her Toe for Pain

Shoes affect the health of your feet more than you may realise. Health experts have linked various foot problems to shoes that simply don’t fit properly. It’s important to look after your feet; they carry you throughout your life. Keep reading on to learn more about keeping your feet healthy.

High Heels and Your Feet

We don’t want to demonise heels, as they are great shoes. However, when worn continuously, they are terrible for your feet.  One study has shown that women who regularly wear heels have shorter calf muscles and stiffer, thicker Achilles tendons.

Another study has found that prolonged wear can lead to joint degeneration and keen osteoarthritis. Most studies agree that they change your centre of balance, leading to increased curvature of your back. As with so many things in life, wear your heels in moderation.

Wear Shoes That Fit Properly

Wearing properly fitting shoes will greatly reduce foot problems. Incorrectly fitted shoes cause many health issues. Such issues include impaired walking, poor balance, a tendency to fall, and even temporary numbness. Just like with your bras, footwear must be fitted properly for your type of feet. 

Diabetics and Shoes

If you have diabetes, you should know how important diabetic foot care is. If you don’t, please get on to it ASAP. You can’t afford to ignore it. It’s extremely important that you wear fitted shoes that cushion your feet to reduce your risk of dangerous foot ulcers.

Steel Toes and Safety Shoes

Certain workplaces are categorised as high-risk. Many of these involve working with heavy items and dangerous goods. In these cases, you must protect your feet and invest in safety shoes or steel-toed work boots.

Don't Be Tempted to Buy Cheap

When it comes to your feet, always invest in quality shoes. It’s easy to be tempted to buy cheap shoes. However, this can lead to numerous foot problems. Remember that cheap shoes often have a lower standard of manufacturing and, more often than not, cheap materials and poor grips are used which increases your chance of falls and slips. Always buy from a reputable dealer.

Make wise shoe choices and your feet will be in excellent health. For assistance with purchasing the right shoes for any occasion, contact CC Resorts online or by calling (02) 8021 3071.