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A Comfy Shoe for all Occasions

Posted on January 26 2018

A Comfortable Pair of Shoes for all Occasions

a woman wearing brown suede boots

It’s a dream come true to have a comfortable pair of shoes for all occasions; or, at least for most. This saves you a lot of time, money and wardrobe space. We’re going to show you how you can wear a style that you love for multiple occasions.

Why Choose Comfortable Shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes has been medically linked to problems like corns, gait issues and blisters. Our shoe choices affect our health more than we may realise. By wearing comfortable shoes, you are reducing your chances of developing foot problems that can turn into serious issues as we grow older. Not only that, but your feet will feel great. When your feet feel great, you will be more willing to spend an entire day running around!

Hallmarks of Comfortable Shoes

In a nutshell, comfortable shoes have good soft lining, sturdy soles and are an overall good fit. From the moment you try them on; you should immediately notice the difference. You have a wide range of shoes to choose from; aside from the specific comfort range of shoes, flats and even casuals make great comfortable shoes.  

A Three-In-One Shoe

Once you find a comfortable shoe style you like, you can wear it for most occasions.  For instance, the casual Dolly 1 in black can be repurposed for special occasions, work and for walking. It’s a three-in-one shoe. If you prefer a burst of colour, the Dolly 2 in pink can also serve these purposes. Both of these shoes are stylish, lightweight and suit a variety of outfits.

The Wonder Shoe: Cecilia

The Cecilia in black is an example of the ultimate wonder shoe, as you can wear it for more occasions than you may realise, including:

  • work – alleviating a lot of daily tension stored in your feet
  • around the home – lightweight and perfect for getting chores done
  • in the outdoors – hikes and light jogging
  • certain special occasions, concerts and going out for drinks
  • travelling – great to wear on planes and at your destination

Start Repurposing Your Shoes Today

You will save time and money when you start repurposing your shoes. Others will want to follow your lead. For more great tips and information on our shoes, contact CC Resorts online or by calling (02) 8021 3071.